Pomegranate Blue and Green Wallpaper (Discontinued)

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Pomegranate Blue & Green Wallpaper: Dive into a Tranquil Design Oasis


A Serene Escapade


Invite tranquility and vintage charm into your space with the Pomegranate Blue & Green Wallpaper. Featuring a vintage classic pomegranate design on a subtle cream background, the muted splashes of blue flowers and fruits transport you to an era of elegance and poise, all within the cozy confines of your home.


Every Space's Best Friend


From the cozy nooks of your lounge to the scholarly silence of a library, the hushed corridors of hallways, or the spirited spaces of kitchens and bathrooms, this wallpaper promises to be a perfect fit. Its warm and inviting palette makes every room feel like a comforting embrace.


Legacy Meets Contemporary


Inspired by the grand stately homes and their timeless charm, this pattern brings together the best of history and modernity. Period-appropriate colours meet contemporary design sensibilities to create a masterpiece for the modern home.


Key Features:


  • Whispers of the Past: A blend of classic pomegranate design, rejuvenated for today's chic spaces.
  • Cool and Calming Tones: A harmonious blend of cream, blue, and green, evoking warmth and serenity.
  • Versatility in Design: Ideal for every room, be it your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.
  • Belgravia Wallcoverings Craftsmanship: Quality, style, and durability in one beautiful package.
  • Easy Maintenance: A washable delight that keeps your space looking pristine.
  • Fantastic Value: Dive into a world of design without breaking the bank.


Transform Your Space Today!


Evoke feelings of nostalgia, peace, and modernity all at once. The Pomegranate Blue & Green Wallpaper is here to redefine your interiors. Don’t let this serene beauty pass you by. Shop today!