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Printed Cloud Kids Cushion Pink !

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Escape to Dreamland with the Super Cute Fluffy Cloud Cushion


Are you ready to make your kid's room pop with joy? Then say hello to our Super Cute Fluffy Cloud Cushion. This cuddly cushion doesn't just promise a cosy feel - it brings a playful, dreamy atmosphere right into your child's room. With its fluffy texture and intricate cloud shape, this cushion looks like it fell right from the sky, ready to accompany your little ones into their dreamland.


An Artistic Twist with Digital Triangle Print


Here at Riva Home, we believe that even the smallest items can make a big statement. That's why our Cloud Cushion isn't just soft and fluffy - it's a piece of art. This cushion features a unique digital triangle print, giving it an exciting, modern twist. The soft pink shade adds a touch of calm and serenity, making it perfect for nurseries and children's bedrooms alike.


Safety and Comfort with 100% Cotton


We know that safety and comfort come first when it's about your kids. The Printed Cloud Kids Cushion doesn't compromise on either. Crafted from 100% cotton, it provides a soft, comfortable surface for your child to relax on. Ideal for lounging, nap time, or even as a playful companion, it’s as practical as it is pretty.


Proudly Designed, Printed, and Made in the UK


We take pride in our local craftsmanship. Each Printed Cloud Kids Cushion is designed, printed, and made right here in the UK, ensuring high-quality and responsible manufacturing. By Riva Home, this cushion is a celebration of British design, bringing joy and colour to children’s bedrooms across the country.


Float away on the soft pink hues of the Printed Cloud Kids Cushion by Riva Home. With its fluffy cloud shape and modern triangle print, this 100% cotton cushion is both stylish and comfortable. Designed and made in the UK, it's the perfect addition to any child's bedroom or nursery.


Key Features:


  1. Super cute fluffy cloud shape.
  2. Intricate digital triangle print in a soft pink shade.
  3. 100% cotton material for ultimate comfort.
  4. Ideal for children's bedrooms and nurseries.
  5. Designed, printed, and made in the UK by Riva Home.