Sienna Damask Red Wallpaper

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Sienna Damask Red and Gold Wallpaper


Step into a realm of vibrant allure with the Vasari Sienna Damask Red/Gold Wallpaper. Infusing classical beauty with a burst of fiery passion, this wallpaper serves as a captivating testament to opulent interiors and unmatched aesthetic appeal.


Radiant and Mesmerizing

The vivacious red backdrop, rich and intense, serves as the perfect canvas for the shimmering gold damask motifs. The brilliant gold intricacies dance atop the red, creating a visual symphony of color and design. The dazzling interplay between the fiery red and metallic gold injects a powerful sense of grandeur, making any room come alive with energy and warmth.


Elegance Meets Passion

Drawing inspiration from the timeless charm of damask patterns, this design is modernized by the electrifying red hue. The metallic gold detailing not only accentuates the design but also catches and reflects light, adding a touch of enchantment to your space.


Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

With Vasari's hallmark quality, the Sienna Damask Red/Gold Wallpaper is crafted with precision and care. Made with durable, scrubbable vinyl, it promises to stand the test of time, retaining its vibrancy and sheen.


A Showstopper in Every Sense

Ideal for feature walls or as a standout choice for an entire room, this wallpaper guarantees to be the focal point of any space. With its bold color palette and intricate design, it beckons viewers for a closer look. For those seeking to make a dramatic statement in their interiors, the Vasari Sienna Damask in Red and Gold is the epitome of luxury and vivacity.



    • Paste the Paper
    • 70cm Straight Match
    • Washable
    • 53cm x 10m