Stately Bouquet Charcoal/Multi Wallpaper

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Floral and Wood Panel Design Wallpaper


Introducing the Stately Bouquet Charcoal/Multi Wallpaper, an opulent and mesmerizing addition to any interior lover's design collection. This heavyweight, washable wallpaper is a luxurious creation by the acclaimed Paul "the Wallpaper King" Moneypenny himself. Prepare to transform your living space into a breathtaking and sophisticated haven with this exquisite design.


A stunning Showcase


Embrace Paul Moneypenny's artistic vision as you incorporate his personal taste into your home. His range is a genuine expression of his creative passion, and the Stately Bouquet Charcoal/Multi Wallpaper is a striking reflection of that. Straight from his mood board to your wall, this wallpaper is a stunning showcase of your love for interiors and design.


Captivating Floral Design


Featuring a Dutch Masters-style floral bouquet insert, this bold design is accentuated by a 3D realistic luxurious panel, creating a captivating visual experience. Beautiful floral blooms and brightly colored butterflies bring a sense of elegance and enchantment to the space. The stylish wallpaper is perfect for adding a touch of drama and creating a talking point in any room of your home.


Quality and Style

Manufactured by Arthouse Wallcoverings Ltd, the Stately Bouquet Charcoal/Multi Wallpaper is made with the highest quality standards in mind. Its heavyweight, washable finish ensures lasting beauty and easy maintenance. The paste-the-wall application and user-friendly design make hanging this wallpaper a breeze, so you can effortlessly transform your space.

Indulge your love for interiors and design with the Stately Bouquet Charcoal/Multi Wallpaper, where grandeur meets enchantment and conversation meets art. Make a statement that will leave a lasting impression and create a space that is truly unforgettable!


Key Features:


  • An opulent, stylish, and dramatic design from the Paul Moneypenny collection
  • Dutch Masters-style floral bouquet insert with a 3D realistic luxurious panel
  • Beautiful floral blooms and brightly colored butterflies for added elegance
  • Heavyweight, washable wallpaper for lasting quality
  • Easy-to-hang, paste-the-wall application
  • Manufactured by Arthouse Wallcoverings Ltd for top-notch craftsmanship



  • Paste the Wall
  • 64cm Straight Match
  • Wipeable
  • 53cm x 10m