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Tibetan Tiger Tribal Duvet Cover Set Blue

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Size: Double

Tibetan Tiger Tribal Duvet Cover Set Blue: Unleash Your Inner Beast with Bold Bedroom Decor!


Walk on the Wild Side


Embark on a nightly adventure with the Tibetan Tiger Tribal Duvet Cover Set. The tribal-inspired design with prowling tigers is here to take your interior aesthetics to an untamed territory. Sleep will never be boring again as you dream amongst these powerful beasts in your personal jungle!


The Bold and The Beautiful


The striking oriental design effortlessly combines the majestic power of tigers with the mystery of the dark blue background. The vivid contrast of orange and black tigers offers a captivating aesthetic that will effortlessly become the focal point of your bedroom decor.


A Flip Side Surprise


Don't be surprised when you flip over this duvet cover. The reverse side reveals a bright orange background adorned with a mesmerising geometric tribal pattern. It provides a refreshing change when you crave something a little different - two unique styles for the price of one!


The Ultimate in Comfort and Durability


This duvet cover isn't just about great looks. Made of soft yet hard-wearing polycotton, it guarantees a restful sleep every night. Plus, it's easy to clean and maintain, meaning your tigers will remain as vibrant as ever.

Roar into dreamland with the Tibetan Tiger Tribal Duvet Cover Set in blue by Riva Home. This Double and King-sized duvet set features a tribal-inspired design with prowling tigers on one side and a vibrant orange tribal pattern on the other. Made from soft, durable polycotton for comfort and durability.


Key Features:

  • Tribal-inspired design featuring crawling tigers for a bold aesthetic
  • Dark blue background contrasted with orange and black tigers
  • Reversible design featuring a bright orange tribal pattern
  • Available in Double and King sizes
  • Made of durable, soft polycotton for comfort and longevity
  • Created by Riva Home, a trusted name in home decor