Tiffany Floral Blue Wallpaper

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Tiffany Floral Blue Wallpaper: A Symphony of Italian Elegance and Blooms


An Italian Floral Fantasia


Embrace the romantic allure of Italy with the Tiffany Floral Blue Wallpaper. This heavyweight vinyl masterpiece, adorned with a pretty floral print, transports you to a dreamy garden where the beauty of cornflower blue blossoms come alive against a backdrop reminiscent of roushed silk.


Tactile Temptation


It's not just a visual treat. The deep folds and a shimmering glow call out for a touch. Immerse yourself in a texture so profound, it boasts an unrivaled depth, making every inch of your wall a tactile playground.


A Palette of Dreams


Set against a warm subtle cream background, beige stems gracefully rise to cradle soft cornflower blue blossoms. The harmonious play of colours promises to infuse spaces with a warmth that speaks of lazy summer afternoons and whispered secrets among the blooms.


Versatile Elegance for Every Corner


Whether it’s the elegant living room, the tranquil bedroom, or the vibrant kitchen, this wallpaper's charm seamlessly fits into every room's narrative, enhancing its ambience. Its superior scrubabble vinyl coating stands testament to its longevity and easy maintenance.


Key Features:


  • Made with Italian Passion: Experience the richness of heavyweight vinyl, a treasure from Italy.
  • Floral Dreamscape: Adorned with beige stems and soft cornflower blue blossoms.
  • Silken Touch: A roushed silk background that begs for a caress.
  • Glow and Glamour: Revel in the wallpaper’s shimmering splendor.
  • Adaptable Beauty: A fit for every room, amplifying its essence.
  • Belgravia Wallcoverings Promise: A mark of quality, style, and longevity.


Infuse Your Space with Blooming Elegance!


The Tiffany Floral Blue Wallpaper by Belgravia Wallcoverings beckons you to indulge in a fusion of Italian craftsmanship and the magic of blooms. Ready to turn your walls into a canvas of artistry? Shop today and let your walls tell a floral tale!