VerticalArt Tempo Leaf Motif Beige Wallpaper

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Abstract Leaf Patterned Wallpaper in Beige


Step up your interior design with our Vertical Art Tempo Leaf Motif Beige Wallpaper! This wallpaper, designed by the creative minds at Grandeco Wallcoverings, merges the best of natural inspiration and contemporary aesthetics to create a versatile décor element.


Versatile Statement Wallpaper


This wallpaper boasts an abstract leaf geometric pattern, creating a stylish fusion between organic and modern influences. The angular wave barcode-style abstract leaf design perfectly complements the understated beige colour, bringing a warm and welcoming feel to any space. This on-trend colour is easy to work into various design schemes, making it an excellent choice for an accent wall or a statement scheme across all four walls.


Textured, Embossed Vinyl


But the Vertical Art Tempo Leaf Motif Beige Wallpaper isn't just about the looks. It also offers a textured finish and a soft feel, adding a layer of sensory richness to your walls. Made from durable, embossed vinyl, it comes with an extra washable finish, ensuring your interiors stay stylish and fresh. And with the easy-to-hang paste the wall application, your design update is a breeze!


Transform your interiors with our Vertical Art Tempo Leaf Motif Beige Wallpaper! This beige geometric wallpaper features an abstract leaf design for a modern, warm touch. Durable and washable, it's perfect for any decor. Shop now and give your walls a stylish, contemporary makeover!


Key Features:



  • Abstract leaf geometric pattern wallpaper adds a stylish, modern effect.
  • Understated, on-trend beige colour fits seamlessly into various design schemes.
  • Textured finish and soft feel provide a unique sensory experience.
  • Durable, embossed vinyl with an extra washable finish for easy maintenance.
  • Easy to hang with a paste the wall application.
  • Crafted by the design experts at Grandeco Wallcoverings.


Product Highlights

  • Heavyweight Embossed paper.
  • Geometric leaf pattern.
  • Neutral beige shades.
  • Easy to hang, paste the wall.
  • Easy to maintain washable finish.



  • Paste the wall
  • 26cm half drop Match
  • Washable
  • 53cm x 10m
  • SKU #A62102