VerticalArt Tempo Sila Leaf White Wallpaper

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Size: Full Roll

Feather Leaf Pattern Wallpaper in Grey


Enter the tranquillity of our Vertical Art Tempo Sila Leaf White Wallpaper, a stylish sanctuary for all design aficionados! This isn't just any white wallpaper. It's an orchestra of delicate, abstract feather style leaf patterns, elegantly dancing on your walls, creating a serene design escape.


Versatile Stylish Wallpaper


Get ready to be smitten by its sophisticated charm! Its clean, modern white and grey colour palette feels like a breath of fresh air, setting the trend and proving just how cool neutrality can be. It's like having a piece of modern art that blends effortlessly into various design schemes.


Soft to Touch Textured Finish


A sense of texture makes this wallpaper a design treasure. The embossed vinyl mimics a soft feel, creating a tactile element that invites touch and admiration. Whether you’re thinking of an accent wall or looking to make a statement on all four walls, this wallpaper whispers "pure elegance."


But don't let its delicate beauty fool you. This wallpaper is durable, extra washable and designed to endure the test of time. And thanks to Grandeco's easy-to-hang paste-the-wall application, it's as practical as it is pretty.


Unleash the chic with our Vertical Art Tempo Sila Leaf White Wallpaper! With an abstract feather style leaf pattern in stylish white and grey. It's washable, easy-to-hang, and guaranteed to uplift your interiors. Start your design journey today!


Key Features:


  • Abstract feather style leaf pattern in a delicate design
  • Clean, modern white and grey colours for an on-trend look
  • Versatile design that fits into various design schemes
  • Textured finish embossed vinyl for a soft feel
  • Perfect for accent walls or all four walls for a grand statement
  • Extra washable, enduring the test of time
  • Easy-to-hang, courtesy of Grandeco wallcoverings


Product Highlights

  • Heavyweight Embossed paper.
  • Leaf feather pattern.
  • White and grey shades.
  • Easy to hang, paste the wall.
  • Easy to maintain washable finish.



  • Paste the wall
  • 64cm straight Match
  • Washable
  • 53cm x 10m
  • SKU #A62201