Maya Floral Lilac Wallpaper

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Wild Orchid Floral Design Lilac Wallpaper


Welcome to a lush, tropical paradise with our Maya Floral Lilac Wallpaper! This stunning design is like a vacation for your walls, transforming any room into an exotic retreat. Get ready to make the neighbours green with envy.


Orchid Extravaganza


This wallpaper showcases a classic style splashed with a contemporary twist - sprays of gorgeous, exotic orchids. The beauty of nature at your fingertips, without any sneaky bugs. Now that's what we call 'blooming' fantastic!


Lush Lilac Living


The on-trend lilac backdrop makes the vibrant flora stand out, creating an eye-catching display. Perfect as an accent wall or go bold with all four walls – either way, your room's about to get a fabulous floral facelift.


Flourish in Any Room


Living room, bedroom, hall, or dining room - our Maya Floral Lilac Wallpaper adds a stunning splash of colour and fun to any space. And with an extra washable finish, the only thing you'll need to maintain this garden is a damp cloth!


Reliability of Rasch Wallcoverings


Crafted by the experts at Rasch Wallcoverings, this wallpaper is a testament to quality design and superior workmanship. So, why wait? Let your walls bloom in style!

Embrace the floral vibe with our Maya Floral Lilac Wallpaper. Boasting a vibrant, on-trend lilac shade adorned with exotic orchids, it adds a pop of colour and style to any room. Easy to clean and brought to you by Rasch Wallcoverings.


Key Features:


  • Exotic orchid floral pattern in a classic style
  • On-trend lilac shade adds a vibrant touch
  • Perfect for a feature wall or a bold all-four-wall statement
  • Versatile design suitable for any room
  • Extra washable finish for easy maintenance
  • Quality product by Rasch Wallcoverings



Product Highlights

  • Heavyweight wallpaper.
  • Tropical floral pattern.
  • Vivid Lilac shades.
  • Easy to hang, paste the wallpaper.
  • Easy to maintain washable finish.



  • Paste the wallpaper
  • 26.5 Off Set Match
  • Washable
  • 53cm x 10m
  • SKU #283661